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What is this project?

The réseau Discord Artivain (or réseau Artivain in short, which would translate to "Artivain network") project is a collaboration between multiple partnered Discord servers to boost their security, and to work together on many projects.

How does it work?

By sharing the lists of possibly dangerous Discord accounts, it helps other servers to be warned when a reported user joins them. The more Discord servers contributing, the better the security is against raids, scammers, unwanted advertisements and spam. Everyone can use our data, through the public API. You don't even need an authentification key! The goal is not to replace the other existing security methods, but to add a new layer of protection. It is simple and free to integrate our database with your Discord bot!

The lists

There are 2 lists in the official database: the suspects list and the blacklist.

Suspects list

This list contains the most accounts. It contains accounts suspected of doing at least one of the following:

  • Selfbot
  • Spam
  • Unauthorized advertising
  • Direct message advertisement
  • Participate in dangerous Discord server

We do not recommend to automatically ban people on this list. The best way would be to notify your moderation team when an account on the list join to watch it more.


This list contains the most dangerous accounts in our database. Most of the servers that are members of the réseau Artivain automatically ban these accounts. We do more manual checkups on this list to make sure there is no false-positive: every account is manually verified and a proof must be given to add the account. The accounts on this list are guilty of at least one of the following:

  • Selfbot
  • Abusive advertising
  • Server raid
  • Piracy / Phishing
  • Active in dangerous Discord server
  • Violation of copyright
  • Violation of open-source licence

In action

Automatic ban of a dangerous account
Dangerous account automatically banned by a Discord bot
An account has been added to the suspects list
Discord bot warning réseau Artivain's moderation team that an account has been reported

Members and contributors